biker's rights

by jasno

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released May 16, 2016

"pool shark" is a sublime song
"bedlam" is a song by jake shaker
con shea plays bass and also sings on "young man"



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jasno Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: rotting flesh
it falls in familiar silence
watch flakes blanket as absence sets in
the hunger begins
foxes run rampant but nobody hears you
o believe me
its too good to be true
scratch deep, scar intentional
intentions are well on the rise
red wine bleeds dry
but in time even flow this divine
falls short of faint breath
caressing into sweet nothingness
this lust so possessed
love is nothing more than rotting flesh
Track Name: stay away camp
alone i seem to be at peace
i know just what i want
and its for you to be gone

i can't breathe
i can't read between
your lines, they were my demise
so if you'd please be so kind

stay away
Track Name: meeting house
i don't fuck with people i don't know
only streets i keep to are side roads
lonely feet they creep through and ride slow
don't believe they cheat you with eyes closed
Track Name: empty packs of newports
empty packs of newports
all kinds, they're mine
train tracks my neighborhood
when you start kissing
everything gets different
you know i'm social

mommy you've been asleep four days and four nights
daddy you've always been dead behind those eyes
why am i not surprised,
i'm channeling no light

fall asleep i'm peacefully being
until i awake to screaming
much like cleaning house
there's no reasoning between

empty packs and your old butts on the floor
she's baking in dreams
i can't listen unless i'm singing
to you or untrue company

what if i thought to stay out of mind ?
Track Name: valeria's house
valeria's house, valeria's house
there's serena and dodger
andrew and jason too
there's spyro and lucy
o spyro's gonna shoot me
upstairs there's rakey
and max comes over occasionally

and we're all good
nothing's going to happen
everything's anticipated
no crazy plot changes...
Track Name: rationalize
i don't waste my time
i don't waste my money
i don't waste my body
my life is my hobby
Track Name: football
put it in your sock, then whisper to your mom
"no, i love you more"
dug that dirty spot, twist and stuck it right up
"no, i need you most"
Track Name: pool shark
lying in my plastic bed thinkin how things weren't so cool to me
my baby loves to shoot pool
i like lyin naked in my bedroom
tying off the dinosaur tonight
it used to be so cool
but now i got the needle
and i can't shake
and i can't breathe
i take it away but i want more and more
one day i'm gonna lose the war ..
Track Name: driving
driving through your room
oh the things that i could do to you
flying to the moon
only thing i'm landing soon, i presume
while you keep me tuned out
i'll be here floating freely
to shoot up
and do
what i do best
when you
ain't true
Track Name: sighable
you wear nice things but you're mean
you think you're queen
you reign supreme
sorry isn't what it seems
its frustrating
i can't stay clean

as you break my heart
as i make false starts

lovely thing you're punishing
you wanna sing
but you can't bring
not a thing you're emoting
this faulty fling
you lack in sting

as you fake your art
as i break my heart
Track Name: song for obi (reprise)
you just want my human love
but i don't mind it
no not one bit
you can have it
if you want it
its what you came for
Track Name: spring
roadside, give me back my eyes
i don't wanna die anymore

roadside, give me back my eyes
i don't wanna die
i know theres so much more
in store for me
Track Name: young man (feat. Arthur Shea)
i don't mind
livin under your roof
i eat hot or cold food
its alright
sleep so good and tight
easy through the night
i'm so free and wide eyed
love me till i'm child like

you mustn't rush a thing
its only what it seems
he knows not what he sings
just only what it means

i'm alive
you've begun to cry
seeing me take flight
its alright

you mustn't crowd and cling
its only protecting
this fragile human being
but what he needs is ccchange
Track Name: bedlam
idk, ask jake
Track Name: me and the killer
you and i has everything to mean
should we die, now endlessly being

what's an escape you think to keep ?
out of the way into the clean