by jasno

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released April 13, 2016

phot o taken by joe miller
ok joe miller

am i handsome
but srsly



all rights reserved


jasno Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: dog cloth
i dont mind
livin by myself
i could die
or tell myself im just high
before i lie down and can't
keep my eyes open
and off my mind
i swear tonight that ill try

to safely dream
to stay asleep
to lay serene
escape my heat

but i dont try
Track Name: song the song
every time
i see you
i make up a song on the spot
whether u like it or not
i cant breathe right
i smoked all of my friends
Track Name: damien
masochisms his last prison
master vision, he has risen
way to play blue, hey you stay true
slave to crave shoot, he wont waste you
Track Name: k.
ill be the picture in your lonely nodding head
you stay conflicted thinking fictions all youve read
i keep my distance only visiting your bed
you came and listened till i finished what i said

then we dressed and that was it
its true these feelings make no sense

you grew up to prove you knew nothing but the truth
i cant maneuver through the bruises of my youth
your crusades' ruthless and the reason we dont see
eye to eye mostly bout the things you hold dearly

yet you cling so tight to me
think you can change me ? wait and see
Track Name: amazing grace
they like to smile, says it feels great
but you know better than to behave
feel yourself, enjoy the taste
come down rain, this movement wont waste
think in circles, stuck on replay
cuz your only concerned with here say
time to get up outta your place
so tie one off real quick to feel safe

rushing through your veins, have no fear
run away from pain, coast is clear
no one stays the same, strung out here
watch them call your name as you disappear
Track Name: trauma
this is trauma story, now i fuck you over
Track Name: my sweet hort
sing 2 me, my sweet
please sing me 2 sleep
dont u dare come weak
let it go, just be

you make me feel clean
do i make you feel anything ?
i should stop overthinking
Track Name: thursday
washing all of you i feel my dreams shout
slow down, slightly
cuz if you dont stop right now
then ill die and youll fall
into me, but youre not ready
to go down, not yet
get up now while you still drip wet
then drip dry and tip toe
cross the room into your pillow
stay put with your face down
thats the case, thinkin it out loud
you dont fool me, but your true friends
sittin here speak of you in past tense
like what if she listened ?
then maybe we'd all be here sitting

and we'd all breathe
and we'd all bleed
and we'd all sleep
but just she leaves

happiness is not having to lie on the floor dead, alone *
Track Name: together
hold your hands together behind your head
ill be lyin facedown on the bed
our shared consciousness is confused mess
prideful consequences will be met

almost time to go home, call it quits
watch the things youve grown old with play tricks
everyone youve once known will be missed
being all alone is your greatest risk