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the saga continues


released November 15, 2016

i have just accepted this



all rights reserved


jasno Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: i'm the diy guy
its on, kick it further down the spectral void until it has nothing but what you want it to you wanted to be so above it all but they brought you back down
Track Name: zoolander
i feel the cold cameras on me
eye sore shake off papparazi
could they at least turn the flash off ?
before i detach my masks i'll
be here or running my cat walk
beware of tease driven fast talk
speak shelters me in the breeze
i leave only temporarily

high fashion myself a new shelf life
i care not to decide
recede the way it should be
its fine
Track Name: bassist
now thats a bass player
Track Name: the only raisin
your movement
my single breath's a few steps ahead
when timing was dying for us
a loose dream was bred

back country longing for us all was left
time scraping bygone

impatient virtuous burden
burned into words
through learning into disturbing
too many worlds

dirt diving birds hiding
hello its truth
chirp chiming
two minds when they're on the move
its cool in here
come on, lets follow the rules
my pool this year
is for swimming not for fools
Track Name: fasthaus
dont touch frida
she dont need ya
unless ya feed her
my gurl's racecar
she goes so far
you wouldn't believe your

shes mine
shes flyin
you're draggin behind

little freaky
sebastian he's
always bein
beer faced kiddo
she always goes
like racecar but

its over
theres no more
Track Name: drama
every songs a drama
these songs are all dramatic
Track Name: biker's rights
tired of being here and seeing you its clear
that im not coming home
hit the road you bet i'd lose my head again
but im not coming home
pedal, steer i shift my gears i dip and veer
cuz i'm not coming home
stay away out of my lane the hell i aint
no im not coming home
Track Name: mario party
eat so much
actin tough
beat me up
take my lunch
doin stuff
housin's rough
enough's enough
thievin little trust

pleased to meet you
cant wait to eat you
i love how they chew
their teeth go right through
the playfulest mood
i paid for this dude
to spray my tissue
delicious misuse

the aging night
baby's alright
teething fight
pretty date's quiet
dont rush me to try it
stop running into my kid
shes playin with an icepick
that skating guy's the nicest

and she says

eating meat makes you strong
but beating me makes you wrong
choke me out wear my thong
valeria's house is over by now

Track Name: house of bryan
listening to blue smiley
its new years eve
im so relieved to be here with you
oh the things that we could do

funny thing
its not a game
im predicting
just when came
exactly midnight
oh the things we do them right
and in the new light
in the moonlight

and thats when you
gave into
me a new
sense of
purpose and
then some
Track Name: city wide
fall is in the air
im having my own good times
why the hell should you care ?
ya why the hell do you still care ?

promises to bare
my own truths comin loose
but why do i still care ?
ya why do i even dare ?

to call you up
and bring us both back down
call me crazy
i gotta be doin things right this time around

my insides burn me alive
but youre still just damaged goods
i must be puttin you to the side
ya i gotta be gettin you off of my mind

cuz im not stuck
ya im not getting caught
in the same old patterns
i oughtta know enough now not to be this lost

you and i had everything to mean
but sadly this is over tonight
not a fond farewell but an awful goodbye
Track Name: joon
and as lonely as joon
im curled up in your room
tiny warm ball of gloom
have you done all you can do ?
is it fair of me to assume ?

that by all means of extreme
measures taken by me
finding out how it seems
to be the only thing i dream
of you the only one i sing for

and worry that suddenly
you could stop loving me
wouldnt that be lovely ?

id put my handsup and say
just stick the knife in slow ok ?
twist it to the left and play
"little one" until my eyes are vacant
Track Name: trust
tell the people where youre going
wear a striped shirt, stomach showing
walk with two you knew but lost
those nails they scratch at wood you trust
me again, please ?
Track Name: name
blue on you i see
a nuanced opportunity
to be the saddest one they speak of
the baddest one they keep out
in the cold
the rain
the day is old
and over it
you should release
another hit
on blank cd
the verse drops
too early
are you in a hurry?
no youre surely worthy of
all praise and often only
given into vague reception
grey area perception's
clearly not their long suit
Track Name: kiki's world
o its kieran's house
better watch my mouth
be nice and smile
drinks to go to sleep
actin so naive
never believed in me only believes that i am just a piece

dont look me in the eyes
or youll catch my bad vibes
why even try ?
Track Name: dogg cloth
bow wow wow yippe yo yippe yay
its snoop doggy dogg
and the homie doctor DRe